Jan Craps

jan craps

Jan Craps

Although the term “Jan Craps” is simply a game in which each player attempts to pass the original five balls between the fingers to form an “L”, there are a number of differences between the game and its commercial cousin. The rules of this game differ from that of the traditional craps in that the first roll of the dice can be used as a throw in addition to the other two throws. This adds to the excitement of the game and adds another dimension to the craps action.

In a game of the Jan Craps the object is to eliminate all five balls from the table while you are on your way to the dealer or with a small group of players. At first glance the game looks very easy, but once the dice have been tossed the fun starts. When the dice are thrown and the first roll comes up “false”, the game starts to turn into a battle of getting each player to pass the dice around the table before time runs out.

On every turn before the dice start being tossed, the player can choose to move his or her dice around the table. Once the dice are moved it becomes necessary to have the player count the dice before any further moves can be made. Some more advanced players choose to add the die count as an element of the game and they may try to decide how many players will take part in the game and where and when the game will be played.

There are a number of different kinds of dice. Some of the dice used in the game can be seen in the hands of the players. There are dice that look like poker dice with a red head on the sides of the dice and there are double red head dice that are perfect for a game of Jan Craps. Players can also use a number of dice that are shaped like oblongs or octagons.

The dice that are used in the game are very important. Because of this the player can be called upon to handle the dice at the table before they get thrown around the table. For the beginner the dice should be handled by someone who has had some experience playing the game and has seen some dice thrown. Sometimes the dice that are tossed in a Jan Craps are fake dice, although not always.

There are other dice that are used in the game as well. Some of these dice can be seen as real dice by the other players in the game. Other dice are used by the dealer to indicate the order in which the balls are to be placed on the dice. The player must never touch a die that is marked “fake” before the other dice that are marked “real”.

Each player can purchase additional dice of the same face value as the dice that the players will be using. This buys another set of dice for each player. When the game is played with a group of more than four players, the extra dice can be added to the end of the dice as “special” dice that are not available to the other players.

There are a number of dice that are available for purchase, but no dice can ever be used in the game of Jan Craps if they have a unique face. In the event of a throw of the dice and the dice being thrown as “dice that are not one of the five” the game has to stop and the new dice throw will be done.